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Utilising the latest NB-IoT wireless transmission technology, VWdot is a datalogger that can measure frequency and thermistor temperature signals of vibrating wire sensors.

The housing enclosure complies with IP65 standard.

VWdot is able to sustain long-term measurement and instant data upload because of its low-power consumption which is merely using a 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery. It is able to back-up and store more than 1 million of recorded data with its built-in 16 GB SD card. Therefore,

VWdot is not only a wireless datalogger but also a stand-alone system where there is no NB-IoT service.

VWdot is a reliable, cost-effective datalogger developed for all kinds of vibrating wire sensors and civil engineering application

NB-IoT wireless transmissionUploading data to the cloud by complying with latest NB-IoT wireless transmission technology for real-time monitoring

Low-power consumptionPowered by one 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery, it is able to be stand-alone for at least 6 months if RSSI <15;12 months if RSSI ≧15. (Base on measuring once per hour)

MQTT protocolComplied with MQTT protocol, it is easy to receive and integrate various data

Uploading data to the cloud through easily setup file on SD card

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