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Digitilt Datamate II


The Digitilt DataMate II records data from Digitilt inclinometer probes, tiltmeters, and spiral sensors. It can store up to 320 surveys and operate 16 hours on freshly charged batteries.The DataMate is designed for hard use in difficult environments. Electronic components are rated for extended temperatures. Connector sockets are located on the face panel, away from contact with mud, water, or snow. The case is sealed against condensation and humidity, and the bright, backlit display is visible under all lighting conditions.The Digitilt DataMate II is the second generation of the DataMate. It maintains the same convenient form factor, but features updated electronics that provide significantly faster operation. It can store 160 installation headers and up to 320 surveys and communicates with the PC via a USB port.











The Digitilt DataMate holds a list of inclinometer installations in memory. To begin a survey, the operator selects an installation from the list. The DataMate then displays the starting depth for the survey. The operator positions the inclinometer probe accordingly and checks the display. The display shows the depth in meters or feet, the A-axis reading, and the B-axis reading. When both readings are stable and ready to record, the DataMate displays a graphic ready signal.


The operator records the reading by clicking a hand switch. The DataMate beeps and displays the next depth. The operator raises the probe to this depth, and again, watches for the ready signal, and records the reading. The operator repeats these steps until the survey is done.


Validating Data

The DataMate provides checksums and checksum statistics to help the operator validate the survey before leaving the site. Questionable readings can be verified and corrected by repositioning the inclinometer probe and re-recording the reading.


Retrieving Surveys

The operator connects the DataMate to a PC and runs DigiPro2, which retrieves the surveys and stores them in a database for quick access.


Processing Data

DigiPro2 dramatically reduces the time required to process data, eliminates repetitive work, and generates high resolution graphs.


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