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VW Data Recorder



The VW Data Recorder is a recording readout for pluck-type vibrating wire sensors, RTDs, and thermistors. Simple to operate, the Recorder stores up to 2000 readings and can transfer them to a PC for processing with a spreadsheet.















Wide Compatibility:

The VW Data Recorder reads any pluck-type VW sensor.


Simple Operation: Learn how to use the VW Data Recorder in just a few minutes. Most operations are performed by pressing a single key. Data retrieval is just as easy.


Reliable: Readings are stored in secure, non-volatile memory that keeps data even when batteries are fully discharged.

Spreadsheet Friendly: The Windows-based Manager program retrieves readings and stores them in ASCII file, ready to open and process with your spreadsheet program.


No Setup: The VW Data Recorder is always ready to use. There are no sensor lists or calibration factors to load.


No Special Parts: The VW Data Recorder uses standard cables and batteries. Built-in terminals eliminate the need for a jumper cable. The serial interface cable can be replaced at any computer store, and the standard D-cell batteries eliminate the need for a charger.

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