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Avongard Crackmeters



Avongard Tell-Tales consist of two plates which overlap for part of their length. The bottom plate is calibrated in millimeters and the overlapping plate is transparent and marked with a hairline cursor.


  • Suitable for both internal and external use.

  • Record cards available for each type of Tell-Tale.

  • Calibrated in millimetres.

  • Manufactured in vandal resistant polycarbonate (Plus) or acrylic (Standard).

  • Co-efficient of thermal expansion: 7.0 x 10-5 cm/cm° Centigrade for temperatures between –30° to +30°C

  • Manufactured to conform to BS EN ISO 9002:199



Types of Crackmeter


  1. Standard Tell-Tale Crackmeter

  2. Tell-Tale Plus

  3. Corner Tell-Tale Plus

  4. Crack Width Gauge




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