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Geonor H10 Vane Shear Borer


  • Detailed field investigation of undrained shear strength and sensitivity of soft and medium stiff clays

  • From 0 to 30 meters by hand jacks, even through hard layers of clay, sand or silt

  • Two vane sizes: measurements from 0-60 kPa & 0-100 kPa

  • Two-level accuracy, results can be used for the design of earth fill foundations and embankments










The field vane shear test (FVST) is the most widely used method for measuring the undrained shear strength and sensitivity of soft clays in-situ. FVST is a more economic method than for example CPT, as its operation does not require a drilling rig or highly qualified personnel.


Some criteria have nevertheless to be respected if the choosen FVST equipment is to be used as a professional, detailed investigation instruments:

  • The instrument should allow direct penetration boring, in order to avoid inaccuracy due to rod-clay friction.

  • The vane itself must be protected against any bending due to stones or harder layers of soil.


The Geonor H-10 is a fully protected, pressure, push-in, field vane instrument. No rod-soil friction is possible due to its tube-protected rods. There is not a need either to check the vane, nor to clean it between each shearing (clay adhering to the vane may increase its area ratio considerably). The protection shoe of the Geonor H-10 not only protects the vane but also cleans it automatically before each measurement. The shoe is particularly useful for testing in stratified, sandy, stony, and marine sediment clay.



Technical Characteristics:

  • Installation: Pressure push-in. no hammering. By hand with Geonor ground anchor jacking system or with a hydraulic drill rig.

  • Instrument: Gear driven

  • Measurement range: From 0-60 kPa (0-6 T/m²) and 0-100 kPa (0-10 T/m²).

Lower part:

  • Total length with the vane extended: 1430 mm.

  • Max outer diameter: 77 mmWeight:15 kg

  • Two different sizes of vanes: 55 mm x 110 mm and 65 mm x 130 mm.


  • Max outer diameter: 320 mm

  • Weight including instrument box: 165 kg

Vane Borer, H-10 complete for 30 m depth, consists mainly of:

  • Readout instrument complete

  • Vane borer lower part with vanes

  • Set of spare vanes and protection tube

  • 30 extension tubes and rods

  • Preboring equipment complete

  • Complete insertion/extraction with rack jack, ball cone clamp, anchoring screws, etc.

  • Steel transport cases.


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