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Pulley Assembly


The pulley assembly is clamped to the top of the inclinometer casing. It speeds operations, helps the operator maintain consistent depth control, and protects the cable from abrasion on the edges of the casing.Consistent positioning of the probe is essential for good results with the inclinometer. The pulley assembly assists two ways: first, it allows the probe to be drawn up smoothly, with no backtracking, and second, its cable clamp provides a convenient reference for the depth marks on the cable. The cable clamp also provides the operator a brief respite from the weight of the cable and the probe.The pulley is made from aluminum and has a brass axle. The clamps are made from carbon-fiber which does not freeze up in cold weather.The pulley assembly is available in two sizes. The small size fits 48 and 70 mm (1.9 and 2.75") casing, and the large size fits 70 and 85 mm (2.75 and 3.34" ) casing












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