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Physical Measurement Technologies EVA-625 is designed to meet international standards for the recording and analysis of elevator and escalator vibration and sound, only the EVA system allows all elevators and escalators to be measured, analyzed, and documented absolutely, easily and at a Very Low Cost. Through continuous refinement & enhancement, the EVA system remains the product of choice for the measurement and analysis of elevator/escalator ride quality, and vibration & sound, while PMT has become the world’s number 1 supplier of high accuracy instrumentation for the vertical transportation industry.



  • Quantify Elevator/Escalator ISO Ride Quality

  • Measure Acceleration/Deceleration, Speed, Jerk

  • Identify & Locate Rail & Joint Misalignment

  • Diagnose Bad Roller Guides

  • Document Pre/Post Modernization Changes

  • Troubleshoot Sheave, Ropes, Counterweight

  • Assess Drive & Controller Function

  • Document Elevator Performance Baseline

  • Year to Year Elevator Operation Comparison








Field Operations with a Field Tough Instrument

The EVA system is particularly easy to operate, both in the field and in the office. About the size of a notebook computer, operation is simple and fast. The system can be configured for use on site, without having to carry a PC with you. Simply place the EVA-625 on the floor of the elevator, turn it on, press the record switch, and ‘take a ride’. The data is automatically stored in non-volatile memory with room for over 700 seconds of data. An entire bank of elevators can be recorded in minutes. The EVA system is rugged enough so that it can go anywhere at anytime with few concerns. Shipping and field operations with a high accuracy instrument are no longer a worry.


Removable 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor

An important EVA-625 design innovation is the removable triaxial accelerometer package (RSB). It can be left within the EVA case for simple ride quality analysis, or the sensor can be removed for attachment to specific elevator mechanical elements. This allows isolated measurements of the vibration response of specific elevator structural members and components such as roller guides, motors, and gear boxes.


Warranty & Support

The EVA system is provided with a full one year warranty. Software updates will be available to each registered user as new versions become available. PMT is also establishing a world-wide distributor network to provide quick & reliable local support for the EVA system. PMT will provide unlimited telephone, fax support to all EVA owners at no charge.



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