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Our Services

CEP provides ONE-STOP service for conducting pile load test from supply, installation and testing of pile instruments to interpretation of pile load test result by our professional engineers.

Calibration and Repair Centre

We pride ourselves as a comprehensive repair and calibration centre for all the companies we represent. Having this centre locally allows us to provide customers minimal downtime for instruments calibration and repairs. We are well equipped and have the expertise to repair and calibrate instruments of other makes.

Field Service

CEP is registered with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) as a specialist builder under site investigation. Management puts safety of all our staff as a priority. We have recently met all the criteria to qualify for Bizsafe level 3 and will continue to strive further to improve our safety standards.

Rental of Instruments

We provide rental for the following equipments :

  • CEP Load Cell

  • Inclinometer System

  • Monitoring Equipments

  • Datalogger

  • Others

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