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CEP Tilt Plate



  • Monitoring rotation caused by mining, tunneling, soil compaction, or excavation.

  • Monitoring rotation of concrete dams and retaining walls.















Tilt plates are mounted on the structure in specified locations. They are typically bonded to the structure, but may also be screwed to the surface. To obtain tilt readings, the operator connects the tiltmeter to the readout unit, positions the tiltmeter on the tilt plate, and notes the displayed reading.


The operator then rotates the tiltmeter 180 degrees and obtains a second reading. Later, the two readings are averaged to cancel sensor offset. Changes in tilt are found by comparing the current reading to the initial reading.




  • Economical: One tiltmeter can be used to monitor any number of inexpensive tilt plates.

  • Easy to Install: Tilt plates can be bonded or screwed onto the structure.

  • Easy to Use: Tilt readings are obtained quickly and easily by a single operator.




Product code: CEP 5-1 Tilt Plate

Material: Teflon Coated Aluminium Alloy tiltplate. Light weight and Robust.

Mounting Method: Epoxy bonding compound or screws.

Diameter: 142mm. Height: 24 mm. Center Hole: 58 mm.

Weight: 0.225 kg.


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