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CEP is the distributor for the following products, please contact us for product details and enquiry.


Durham Geo Slope Indicator


  • Geotechnical instruments

  • Structural instruments

  • Readouts 

  • Dataloggers


Dong-A Geovan


  • Geotechnical instruments

  • Structural instruments


NOMIS Seismographs, Inc


  • Seismic monitoring equipments


Physical Measurement Technologies. Inc (PMT)


  • EVA-625 elevator vibration analysis system



  •  Wireless Solutions for Intelligent Operations


Simpson Electric  


  • Digital panel meters

  • Advanced digital panel meters

  • GIMA digital panel meters

  • S660 series counters

  • SE encoders

  • Analog panel meters

  • AccessoriesTest equipment


Advance Geosciences Inc


  • SuperSting R8/R1 IP

  • SuperSting R8 cables

  • SuperSting spare parts

  • MiniSting resistivity/IP meter








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