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MiniGraph 7000



The NOMIS MINI-GRAPH® 7000 is the mini seismograph you've been looking for! It offers the same quality, accuracy and reliability of the conventional NOMIS seismograph, but in a very compact and convenient size. The Mini-Graph's state of the art battery capability, instant read out, easy data transfer and simple field set up and operation make this the mini seismograph to meet your monitoring needs.










  • Instant LCD readout for all blast results

  • Sturdy case makes for completely self contained unit

  • Case mounted microphone with ground spike alternative

  • Standard 175+ event memory, optional 300+ memory

  • Completely waterproof for continuous all weather operation

  • Standard RS-232 port for downloading with downloading software for Windows included

  • Less expensive alternative for multi location monitoring



Reliable Field Operation

The reliability of any mini series seismograph depends on the capability of its power source. The NOMIS MINI-GRAPH® is designed to last for at least 10 days. It also has an internal alarm timer that allows the operator to program operating hours to further conserve battery life.


The unit can also be connected to an automobile battery or solar panel that will allow extended operation over several months.Regardless of the power source, the MINI-GRAPH® always displays battery voltage on the LCD display. And, to insure data storage, a nonvolatile memory saves all data no matter what happens to the battery.


Instant Data Readings

The MINI-GRAPH® can stand alone with no additional accessories needed for on-site readings. Blast data are available instantly on the MINI-GRAPH's® easy to read LCD display. It is easy to print records on regular printer paper by transferring data from the MINI-GRAPH® to a personal computer or laptop.


A personal computer can also be used to program other information such as client, location, operator or comments on the MINI-GRAPH® record. This information can also be changed or added when the record is printed using the MINI-GRAPH® waveform software included at no charge.


Easy Field Installation

Field installation is fast and simple. A push button deactivation switch on the microphone or keypad allows the operator to install or remove the instrument without recording false triggers. B


ecause the MINI-GRAPH® is water tight, it can be used in all types of weather conditions. An optional external transducer box allows for easier coupling to the recording medium. A standard microphone is provided with a five foot (2M) cable to position the microphone for proper sound measurement. A rugged, unbreakable carrying case is provided which also doubles as a microphone mast support and storage box for long term monitoring.


The NOMIS MINI-GRAPH® , with its unsurpassed battery capability, instant data reading and simple field operation is the mini seismograph that you've been looking for. For more information or a demonstration, contact NOMIS or one of our world wide agents



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